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How Can Helping Hands SW FL LLC Help

Helping Hands SW FL LLC can help you or a loved one stay independent at home by providing as much-or as little-extra help as needed. Studies have shown that now more then ever people are deciding to remain in their homes, and the services we provide can help you or your loved one to maintain their independence.

In addition, if you or a loved one is recuperating from an illness or returning from the hospital or rehabilitative facility, we can provide short-term assistance to aid in the recovery process.

And, when you are the main caregiver to a loved one, we provide the much needed respite care. This allows you an occasional break from the demands that will help alleviate stress so you can be your best.

  • We work with you to meet your individual needs

    We offer a variety of services and together we will come up with a care plan that meets your specific needs. If at any time your needs change, we will revise the plan for your current needs.

  • You are in charge of your schedule

    When you are at home, you are in control of your time schedule, just another way to make sure you have all the comforts of home.

  • Choose who is your caregiver

    We know it can be awkward to have a new person in your home, which is why at Helping Hands one of our specialties is pairing a caregiver with our clients based on needs, personality, etc. and most of the time it is a great match. However, you are able to make changes if needed.

  • Extensive screenings for our caregivers

    Helping Hands SW FL LLC meets all the States requirements, which includes a nation wide background, check for each caregiver, however we go a step further by gathering more information from each caregiver. Each individual will go through an interview process that includes a written and hands on competency assessment verified by a RN to ensure they are properly trained for their job. We are looking for individuals that love what they do and it shows in their work.

  • We are available to you when you need us

    If you need to contact us give us a call anytime 24/7 and our staff will get right back to you generally within 15-20 minutes if not sooner.

  • Privately Owned and Operated

    Helping Hands SW FL LLC is not a franchise. This means that all the decisions are made at a local level, allowing us to be more flexible in certain situations.