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What Our Clients Say....


"We hired Helping Hands when my father just couldn’t do things for himself anymore. Helping Hands sent over a very nice caregiver that helped Dad with cooking, cleaning up, laundry etc.. They were more then happy to help. I would recommend Helping Hands to anyone who needs that little extra in order to stay at home."

"I was referred to Helping Hands when my mother’s husband (who was her main caretaker) was put into the hospital. My mother is unable to be alone due to her memory problems. I live out of state and was frantic when I received the phone call, I called Helping Hands and they sent over a caregiver within an hour so Mom was not alone. They were able to coordinate everything with me over the phone and I was so relieved and mom really did enjoy the caregivers they sent over until I was able to fly down. Thank you again!"

"My doctor told me that I needed to call for some respite help with my husband, he felt I was doing too much and was running myself down. He suggested I call Melissa at Helping Hands to find out my options. After meeting and speaking with her I decided to allow someone to come in and help with my husband so I could go out and shop and get a few errand done. So glad I did, not only was the caregiver compassionate, friendly and respectful, but I finally was able to go out and not be so worried about how my husband was doing."

Nurse holding patient's hand
Caregiver serving plate to elderly woman